FruitHealth - Introduction


The James Hutton Institute is the sole UK establishment with the expertise and facilities to produce pathogen tested (PT) foundation stocks of Rubus, Ribes and Fragaria. The James Hutton Institute is an international centre for the supply of such PT germplasm for scientific and commercial use worldwide. Because of its reputation and integrity in this capacity, The James Hutton Institute has special relations with several countries whereby their strict quarantine regulations are relaxed for material originating as PT stock from The James Hutton Institute. In addition to production of PT stocks, we can also offer a full range of pathogen testing services for Rubus, Ribes and Fragaria. These range from testing for a single pathogen to testing for the full range of pests and diseases affecting these stocks.

Our prime role is to provide the industry with high health soft fruit plants for propagation. Pathology testing is applied to provide mother plants that are then maintained in 'state of the art' glasshouses. Our pathology testing uses the best tests available, many of which were originally devised at SCRI (now part of The James Hutton Institute), to screen for a variety of fungal, bacterial and viral diseases and nematode pests of Rubus, Ribes and Fragaria. The mother plants provide planting material for propagation into the UK soft fruit industry.

Secondary roles include (a) providing pathogen tested research material to international organisations, (b) pathogen testing of commercial soft fruit samples.