FruitHealth - Full pathogen tests - Rubus

Pathogen tests for nuclear stocks - Rubus

Plants for testing are assessed in aphid-proof glasshouses for the following pathogens, prior to long term maintenance in a glasshouse under 'high health' conditions where plants are regularly re-checked for these pathogens.

Viruses detectable by mechanical inoculation of sap to test plants, including: Apple mosaic virus, Arabis mosaic virus, Bramble yellow mosaic virus, Cherry leaf roll virus, Cherry rasp leaf virus, Cucumber mosaic virus, Raspberry bushy dwarf virus, Raspberry ringspot virus, Rubus Chinese seed-borne virus, Strawberry latent ringspot virus, Tobacco ringspot virus, Tobacco streak virus, Tomato black ring virus, Tomato ringspot virus and Wineberry latent virus.

Viruses detectable by graft inoculation to the indicator, Rubus occidentalis
Raspberry leaf curl virus, Black raspberry necrosis virus, Raspberry leaf mottle virus, Raspberry leaf spot virus, Raspberry yellow spot virus, Rubus yellow net virus and Thimbleberry ringspot virus.

Fungal testing for Phytophthora fragariae var. rubi and Phytophthora idaei by nested PCR.

ELISA testing for Raspberry bushy dwarf virus.

Symptoms of Raspberry veinbanding mosaic, Raspberry yellows and Rubus stunt diseases and symptoms induced by Raspberry leaf curl, Raspberry leaf mottle, Raspberry leaf spot, Raspberry vein chlorosis and Raspberry yellow spot viruses.

Symptoms of crumbly fruit by a pollination test.